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Building a New Home Remotely – One Watersound Origins Family’s Exceptional Experience


One Watersound Origins family has nothing but commendation and kind words to say about their experience building their home in this popular community. Noreen N. composed the following message to Chandler and Brandon Huff, of Huff Homes, to express her gratitude for her experience with the builder and sales teams.

“I wanted to take a moment and repeat myself, so please indulge me here. I am the mother of a pre-teen and a teenage boy. I live in Ohio. I work full time, in a demanding role that is national in scope. My husband works long hours and is usually unavailable when he is at work and has little flexibility in his time off. My point in telling you this is that it’s tremendously tough to build a home remotely, let alone figuring it out after 9:30 PM for nights on end.


“I want you to know that the Watersound Origins lead team is superb. I have been so dependent on them for many months.

“Johnny Robinson is such an asset. I cannot recommend him enough. There is much about this process that is about relationship and how you build trust in addition to expertise and craftsmanship. Let’s not forget the marketing either. He is the complete package. Please know that while I respect your family’s reputation as strong builders and developers, how that comes across on the front line is critical and he delivers over and above. He is your biggest cheerleader.

“Sherry McCollum is super responsive, does not miss the details and complements Johnny’s strengths. She too exhibits the extra step in service, and quite honestly, from months ago until now, you can see her work on how the design center and implementation process has changed as the sales expand. The little things like, what something actually looks like in a house, are so, so important, especially if one of your clients is remote. From what I walked into, to how the process and organization has evolved, is much improved and I think she helped drive it there.

“I came to think of Bryon Dumas as the wise overseer. His approach provided that one extra layer of security in this whole process that was immeasurable to someone like me.

“And for both of you, who had to deal with me directly on two occasions, I truly appreciate it. Every time I would start to doubt if this was the right thing to do or not, based on a variety of reasons, both family related and purchase related, you and your organization came through with flying colors. You could say you not only passed the tests, you exceeded the tests.

“I wish that you and your families be blessed and that you continue to hold dear the values that you and your team here have demonstrated with me. Thank you so much again.”

Noreen N.
Watersound Origins Homeowner

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